The [SPACE] Group.


Houston's premiere co-working space for creative professionals to live their dreams.

Our Mission

The mission of The [SPACE] Group is to help artistic & creative professionals find the [SPACE] to be creative by providing them with the resources to launch their careers. The [SPACE] Group is committed to using its expertise to inspire free thought and encourage creative ideas to make a difference in clients’ lives and community through their values of:




The [SPACE] Group is not only an incubation and accelerator program, it is a creative community and co-working space. The community will give creatives access to materials, equipment and event space that will allow them to pursue their passions. The location will include the following:

-Office space for meetings


-Recording studio

-Sculpting studio

-Dance Studio

-Individual art studios for rent

-Event Space for rental

-Gallery for shows

About the Owner

Founded in the Fall of 2015, this store is the brain child of Kalinda Campbell, Artist, aspiring DJ, modern-day renaissance woman. Starting a company is an arduous and lonely journey, and creative entrepreneurship is a constantly evolving discipline. Campbell's vision is to help entrepreneurs across the globe launch meaningful and enduring creative companies.

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