The [SPACE] Group is not your ordinary co-working space. Beyond a regular membership we house an incubator program, dedicated to persons in the creative field.

This is a 26 week program dedicated to helping you take your creative passion to the next level. From week 1 to week 26 you are exposed to events, talks, consultations and more where you will complete pivotal steps in structuring your passion as a business. Look under the offerings tab to view a sample of the program.

Here is a look at what 26 weeks in the incubator program will look like:

Step 1: Product Identification (Weeks 1-2)

During this time you will get matched with a mentor, a support group, and be provided resources to help you along your journey. Additionally you will immediately begin the analysis process of the program, getting your coaches and mentors up to date on the state of your passion and where you want to go next.

Step 2: The [SPACE] Plan (Weeks 2-4)

The [SPACE] Plan is ultimately your business plan. Unlike most incubator programs, The [SPACE] Group, helps you to build your business plan and is there with you from start to finish.

Step 3: Branding & Marketing (Weeks 5-13)

From purchasing a domain for your website to logo creation, you will get the resources and learnings you need to understand how to best brand and market yourself.

Step 4: Funding & Investors (Weeks 11-13)

Simply said: we show you how to live your dream and not go broke doing it.

Step 5: Coaching & Product Development (Weeks 14-21)

We focus on helping you to be able to sustain the progress you have made in the program, once you graduate. From setting up bank accounts to helping you build a team of support, we ensure that you are set up for success.

Step 6: Product Launch (Weeks 22-26)

This is go time. We help you take the first big step of your new found business. Whether it be a product launch, social media campaign, etc. It's all hands on deck!

When you join this program, you will be entering an elite circle with a rich amount of resources that are unavailable to non-members of The [SPACE] Group. A sample of benefits include:

-Exposue to a very special class of emerging leaders and emerging innovators in the creative space.

-Complimentary participation in VIP events based on completion of project milestones.

-Unlimited access to all the resources [SPACE] Group members receive

-Dedicated mentors, advisors, and inspiring leaders in the [SPACE] GROUP community.

The program is 26 weeks. Please see the "Offerings" tab for more details. You will be making a $2500 investment for the 26 week program. So for less than $100 a week you will receive unlimited access to work space, private workshops, classes, consultations, mentors/coaches, fulfill a business plan and have a support group for the first launch of your product/program. Sounds like a good deal ;).


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1-You must be able to commit to the 3 month incubation program, including all mentor meetings and complete all paperwork

2-$1000 deposit

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